Assigning Apprentice Records to ACE360 Users

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Assigning Apprentice Records to ACE360 Users

ACE360 enables the assignment of specific Apprentice records to named ACE360 users. This gives individual users access only to the Apprentice records that have been assigned to them. They can then view, update and manage those records as required.

Before you can assign records, you must ensure that users have their own access to the system. To do this, please see how to set up a new user by clicking here.

To begin assigning records to an ACE360 user, click the apprentice records icon on the menu bar and select the record assignment tab.

Use the assessor controls drop-down to select the name of the user to who you want to assign apprentice records too.

Next, use the checkbox at the far right of each apprentice record to select the apprentice(s) you wish to assign to the selected user. You can select multiple apprentice records and do a “bulk” assign. Once all apprentices have been assigned click apply.

In the live records view in apprentice records, super admin/admin/senior assessor users will be able to see the initials/profile picture of the ACE360 user(s) who have been assigned to each apprentice, or identify where the apprentice has not yet been assigned.

Unassigning Apprentice Records

To unassign an apprentice record from an ACE360 user, please follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the record assignment tab
  • Use the checkbox at the far right of each apprentice record to select the apprentice(s) you wish to unassign from their current ACE360 user
  • Click the remove assessors button to confirm the unassigning action

Assign Single Apprentice Records

ACE360 also allows a user to assign one individual record, this can be done by clicking into an apprentice record and clicking on actions. Within the actions drop-down list, an option will appear to “assign a Training Coordinator”, select this option and choose from the drop-down list of Training Coordinators who have an account. Once complete click save.

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