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Certification Countdown

Certification Countdown

ACE360 has bridged the gap for both EPAO’s and Providers when it comes to tracking the certificate. Whether that be viewing errors, viewing the certification data and with this feature knowing exactly when the certificate will be claimed.

This feature has been designed to provider users with a clear view of when certificates will be claimed through the ESFA Portal, allowing our users to view more information surrounding certification like no other system.

To take advantage of this feature, first use the filter options to view an apprentice that has passed the EPA. This can be done via the dashboard or using the filter options in the apprentice record section.

For more information on the filter options available, please click here.

Next, click on the Apprentice profile you would like to view and click the certificate tab. Here you will able to view all information relating to the certificate, including the countdown timer.

If an Apprentice achieves the top mark available for their standard, the timer will work on a 7 day countdown. If an Apprentice achieves any other grade, the timer will be 30 days.

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