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Dashboard Navigation

Whilst on the dashboard screen, you’re able to click into each of the tiles and the system will apply an automatic filter. This will allow the user to view the information in more detail.

Once a tile has been clicked on, ACE360 will take the user to the apprentice records section and apply the filter to the data, allowing navigation through the information quickly and easily.

Any of the filtered lists of apprentice records can be exported by clicking the “Export Data” button within the apprentice records section on ACE360. A dialogue box will appear asking you to confirm you want to “Export Filtered Records”.

Records excluded by the applied filters will not be exported. Click the “Export” button to confirm the export process.

If you want to export all your apprentice records, not those with the applied filter then remove the tick from the “Export Filtered Records” option. You can also remove the filter within the apprentice records and click “Export Data” which will export all apprentice record information.

The records are exported as a CSV file which can then be further sorted, filtered, printed etc.


ACE360’s dashboard has been split into 2 sections. The top section shows the learner’s journey from in training all the way to EPA evidence complete. The bottom section of the system shows various tiles that are bespoke to an EPAO.

The bottom left-hand side of the dashboard shows the following information:

The number of the apprentices who are expected to reach gateway within the next 3 months i.e. the apprentices expected gateway date is within 3 months of the current date of viewing your dashboard summary. Again, if you click on this tile, you will access a list of all the relevant apprentice records with this filter automatically applied. the information can be exported for further analysis’

This information can be used for planning purposes for both EPAO’s and LTPs. The EPAO gets advance notice that EPA will be required soon and they can start discussions and plan with the LTP.

LTP Links

LTP links will be displayed on the dashboard. This is the number of LTP requests to work with you as an EPAO, that are awaiting your attention and action. By clicking on the LTP links tile, you will be taken directly to the pending links view within the general settings. From here you can action any pending LTP requests.


Appeal requests can be viewed on the dashboard. This tile will show all of the apprentices that an appeal has been made for and will enable you to see this information and address the appeal request.

When you click on the title, an automatic filter will be applied for you to review the apprentice’s appeal and make a decision based on the grounds of the appeal. Here you will be able to review the grade and either uphold or change the grade.

Second Review

ACE360 allows EPAO users to see which learners require a second review of the grade and the evidence that has been submitted. This is to support the quality of the grading being applied and to ensure that quality checks are taking place on end-point assessors work.

When the tile is clicked, this will show all provisional grades that have been applied to an apprentice record and allows the user to conduct a second review of the information to ensure accuracy and quality.

Reasonable Adjustments

Reasonable adjustment requests can be seen within the system, as well as being reviewed and acted upon. The tile on the dashboard shows how many reasonable adjustment requests have been made and which need to be reviewed and either accepted or denied.

For more information on how to review a reasonable adjustment request, please click here.

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