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Dashboard Overview

When a user logs into ACE360, they are presented with their Dashboard View.

The dashboard gives an instant overview of the current status of your apprentice records, based on your user permissions and/or apprentice assignments.

The totals you will see are for all the apprentice records directly assigned to you or that you have permission to view.

For example:

  • Super Admin and Admin – an overview of all apprentice records
  • Training Managers will see all apprentice records attached to standard assigned to them and records that are directly assigned to them.
  • Training Co-Ordinators – will see all of the apprentice records to which they have been directly assigned.

Dashboard View

ACE360’s dashboard allows you to track the learner journey until the very end of the program, allowing greater visibility of the volume of learners aligned to you as a business. The dashboard also allows EPAO’s to view the following information:

  • Expected Gatway Volume witin the next 3 months
  • LTP Links
  • Appeal requests
  • Second Reviews
  • Reasonable Adjusment requests
  • Resit requests
  • EPA in progress
  • Approved for EPA

This information pulls all your data together in one central location, allowing a user to view the top-level data and to dig into this information further by clicking on the desired dashboard status.

The dashboard is divided into two sections, one for the provider to progress their apprentices and one for the provider to see how the learner is progressing through EPA.

If you click on any of the individual tiles you will be presented with a list of all the apprentice records that are at that particular status. This list has the specific “status” filter automatically applied for you to review the desired records.

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