End-Point Assessment Resit Requests

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End-Point Assessment Resit Requests

Where an apprentice failed their end-point assessment, a resit request can be submitted to the EPAO by the LTP. Confirmation that a resit request has been made is displayed next to the apprentice’s name within their record.

Within the apprentice record, click the “Actions” button and then click “accept/reject resit”. A dialogue box will appear to provide information surrounding the resit. Simply accept or reject within this section.

Accepting the Request

Accepting the resit request will change the apprentice status back to “Approved for EPA” and opens a new EPA attempt for the apprentice. Please note that any EPA components that were passed in a previous attempt will require the evidence to be downloaded and re-uploaded to EPA attempt 2.

Any previous EPA attempts can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate “EPA Components Attempt” heading. The associated evidence can be viewed/downloaded by not changed. It is locked for editing for audit purposes.

Rejecting the Request

Rejecting the resit request will change the resit status to “Resit Rejected” and retain the current EPA FAIL status of the Apprentice’s record and no further resit requests can be submitted by the Provider.

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