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EPA Retakes

EPA Retakes

ACE360 has an updated ‘EPA Retakes’ feature that now allows EPAO’s to take control of the retake process. This process has been made easy within ACE360 and allows an EPAO to review gateway components and request new evidence to be uploaded to ensure that new evidence is being provided.

This process now allows the audit trail to be stronger and shows the whole process from retake notes for a provider to see and the new EPA attempt. To take advantage of this new feature, firstly select an apprentice who has failed EPA, this can be from the dashboard and through the use of filters.

Next go into an apprentice’s profile and click the “Actions” button in the top right-hand corner.

EPA Retakes

Next, you will be presented with the retake window. This will show all gateway components and allow you to review the information and accept/reject the gateway evidence. This has been done to allow you as an EPAO users to request additional evidence against a gateway component should this be required.

If there are any gateway components that require evidence to be resubmitted, please ensure that notes are being added into the “Retake Notes” area as this gives your provider the information they need to upload. Once notes have been added please click confirm retake. This will move the learner into the “Denied EPA” status and create a new EPA attempt.

Once the above steps have taken place, the provider will see the learner in the “Denied EPA” status and be able to upload any of the additional evidence that is required. If all gateway components are accepted the learner will have the “Gateway Evidence Complete” status and a new gateway form may be required which will sit with the provider.

When the provider has uploaded the information the learner will be moved into the “Gateway Approved” and the normal check at this stage to approve the learner for EPA will be carried out. For more information how to do this please click here.

Now all the above steps have taken place, the learner can begin with EPA retakes.

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