Managing Apprentice Records

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Managing Apprentice Records

Within the Apprentice Records view, the Live Records tab displays key information. The information relates to each apprentice linked to your ACE360 account.

For Super Admin and Admin users, there is an additional tab called “record assignment”. This enables users to select and assign the following to specific ACE360 users:

  • Individual Apprentices
  • Groups of Apprentices

This function is covered in a separate section on Assigning Apprentice Records.

In the apprentice records section of the system, various icons and data will be available to see at a snapshot. Some of this information includes:

  • ID – A unique automatically generated ACE360 system number
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • LTP – Name of the Lead Training Provider
  • Standard
  • Level
  • Start Date
  • Expected Gateway Date – Date the apprentice is expected to be ready for gateway
  • Status – Apprentices will start and remain “In Training” status until they are ready for gateway when LTPs are able to progress the status to “Gateway Approved”

Some profiles will have a padlock icon, this indicates if the record is locked to the EPAO user. The two icons are Green which is unlocked and Red which is locked.

ACE360 allows users to view other statues by clicking into an apprentice record to view the apprentice progress bar. This can be seen below:

Viewing Records

You will be able to view all of the apprentice records that are linked to your ACE360 user account. This will be all records for Super Admin or Admin accounts. For other users (assessors) only apprentices who have been assigned to their account on the relevant standard will be visible.

The status of each apprentice will give you an indication of whether or not you can view and/or edit an apprentice record. The padlock icon to the left of the apprentice ID will also indicate if the record is locked or unlocked for editing. Green meaning you can edit and red meaning the account is locked for editing but you can view the record.

Any apprentices that are pre-gateway approval (i.e. In Training or Gateway Evidence Complete) will be available to view and be read-only. This is because at this stage the current ownership of the apprentice record is still with the training provider and they have edit rights.

There are various statues within ACE360 that if you hover over the icon will show you the status, the statues can also be seen below:

Apprentice records with the status of EPA Passed are locked for any further editing.

When viewing a read-only record, the fields appear greyed out and are not editable.

When viewing an “unlocked” apprentice record, you can open and view gateway documentation and upload, view, and edit information relating to each EPA component.

Working with Gateway files

Working with EPA files

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