Recording Apprentice EPA Progress and Achievement

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Recording Apprentice EPA Progress and Achievement

Evidence of EPA component achievement can be uploaded to an Apprentice’s ACE360 record. Various file types can be uploaded to ACE360, including DOC, XLS, MP4, JPEG and PDF. There is a maximum file size of 2GB.

Choose the EPA component for which you would like to upload evidence and follow the instructions on the right-hand side. It is possible to upload more than one piece of evidence by simply dragging and dropping the files into the system by selecting as many files as required.

Please note that once evidence is uploaded to the EPA component, depending on the status of the apprentice this may change. For example, if an apprentice is “Approved for EPA” and evidence is uploaded they will then be moved to “EPA in Progress” automatically by ACE360.

The ACE360 activity log will record when evidence is uploaded and each EPA component is completed. It is therefore important that you follow the order of completion as specified in the assessment plan as this will be checked as part of external quality assurance processes.

Individual EPA components have the option to be individually graded. The available grading options will vary depending on what was specified in the assessment plan.

When you are ready to grade a component, select the appropriate grade and press “save and grade”.

Once you have graded and saved an EPA component, please note that this can be unlocked by Super Admin/Admin users on ACE360 should any error have occurred when applying the component grade.

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