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Request Evidence

ACE360 is excited to share a development within the system that allows EPAO’s to request evidence from a learner for any EPA components. This can be used for Project components where the apprentice has to upload work for an assessor to review as part of the End-Point Assessment. 

This feature also had built in functionality to provide instructions as well as setting a deadline date and time for the apprentice understand what is required. 

Notifications can also be set up for this feature to keep you up to date with what has been requested and when this information has been submitted. 

To take advantage of this feature, you first need to be a premium account holder, for more information on Premium please click here.

Next, you need to select an apprentice’s profile. 

Click the EPA component you would like to request evidence for and select the request evidence button.

Fill in the information such as deadline date, deadline time and the instructions you would like the apprentice to follow and click create request. 

This will then show the request that has been made, who made this request, the deadlines and instructions the apprentice has to follow for their submission.

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