Reviewing Appeal Requests

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Reviewing Appeal Requests

The Appeals feature allows any LTP user to request an appeal on behalf of an Apprentice. Appeals are allowed up to 20 days after a final grade has been awarded by the EPAO, this includes fails but excludes Apprentices that have been awarded the highest grade.

In the case of a ‘fail’, users have the option to request a resit or appeal.  Resit is used where the Apprentice accepts that the assessment was fair and has no grounds to appeal, and appeal is used where the Apprentice feels the assessment was not fair and they believe they have grounds to appeal the decision.

All open appeals can be viewed on the dashboard or by using the search and filter function on the Apprentice Record table.

Only admin users can view appeals, but where required admin users can assign an appeal assessor for the purposes of conducting the appeal in accordance with your normal operating procedures. 

Any user attached to your account can be assigned as an ‘appeal assessor’ and once assigned they can see the Apprentice record and full details of the appeal.

To assign an appeal assessor, access the Apprentice record and click the orange actions button.  Click “assign appeal assessor” and then select the user that you wish to assign.

Up to 3 appeal assessors can be assigned if required, each of them will then be able to see the full details of the appeal and conclude the appeal by making a final decision.  Admin users continue to be able to see the appeal and where required can make a final appeal decision at any time.

Assigned appeal assessors are visible on the top right of the Apprentice record.

When an appeal has been submitted a new item appears in the EPA Components area.  Selecting this item reveals the full details of the appeal on the right of the Apprentice record.

Appeal Decisions

Once you have completed the investigation into the appeal, you can make an appeal decision and either uphold the grade previously issued or change the grade.  You also have the option to upload a document supporting the appeal decision

Information supporting the appeal of a confidential nature should not be held within ACE360 as any user with access to the record will be able to access the information.

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