Reviewing Reasonable Adjustment Requests

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Reviewing Reasonable Adjustment Requests

ACE360 has been developed to make reviewing Reasonable Adjustment requests from your training providers a quick, simple and effective process. A recent addition to the ACE360 system is a notification for EPAOs, to see when a Reasonable Adjustment request has been made.

As part of your undertaking as an EPAO it is essential that “access to assessment is fair, and decisions on reasonable adjustments are made fairly and consistently”.  For more information you can view a guide that has been created by the Institute for apprentices here.

Let’s explore how you can review these requests within the system.

The first step is to log into the system and go to the “Dashboard”, this shows requests that are pending for you to review

As you can see from the above image this will show all the pending requests that have been made by the training providers that you work with.

Once you click on the Reasonable Adjustments button in your dashboard, this will apply an automatic filter to the apprentice records tab and show you all the learners that have an outstanding Reasonable Adjustment request.

Here you will simply need to click on the learner profile and review the information that has been submitted by the providers.

Note: a token will appear at the top of the apprentice’s profile to show the progress of the Reasonable Adjustment.

An overarching reason for the Reasonable Adjustment Request can be found on the apprentice profile. This information is requested at registration and providers can update this up until Gateway Approved.

You can recommend that your providers upload any supporting information relating to a Reasonable Adjustment to the “Shared Documents” tab for you to review. This will confirm that the employer, with input from the trainer provider and the apprentice, applied to their EPAO for Reasonable Adjustments to be applied to the end-point assessment. Evidence of the difficulty/disability will be required to support the application, along with evidence of any existing adjustments or additional support provided by the employer or training provider. These should also be kept for any future audit.

Here is a handy template that you can use for Reasonable Adjustment Requests. You can store this template, or your own in the “knowledge base”

Once reviewed, you will need to click on the “view account information” button within the system to either accept or deny the request that has been made.

Once you have made your selection, you will be presented with an option to continue. Please note that if you approve the reasonable adjustment, you will be unable to undo this.

Once approved this will now show within the system on the learner’s profile. You should also consider a decision regarding reasonable adjustments within 21 working days of acknowledging the request.

Finally, to view the status of all learners that you have you within the system, you are able to export the information out of the apprentice record tab. This will give you allow you to see all learners and what the status of each learner has on their profile. To do this, you simply need to go into the apprentice record tab and click export data.

By applying a filter to the data on column “X” you can see what learners are approved, not requested, rejected and requested so you have a broader view of the data.

Any decision around a Reasonable Adjustment should be communicated with your employer, provider, and apprentice and be uploaded by the EPAO into the “Shared Documents Area”

EPAOs are required to keep a record of any reasonable adjustment applications, the decisions they have made regarding these applications, the reasons for making any changes and any appropriate evidence behind the decisions. All reasonable adjustments must also be recorded on the apprentice’s registration.

For more guidance from the institute of apprenticeships surrounding end-points assessments reasonable adjustment requests please click here.

If you require any further information or support, please contact our support team who will be happy to assist you. You can contact us by email on or by telephone on 0300 303 444

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