Setting up ACE360

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Setting up ACE360

You will receive an email from ACE360 inviting you to set up an ACE360 account for your organisation. Within the email click on the “Complete Account Setup” button to begin the set-up process.

The person who sets up a new organisation within ACE360, automatically becomes a Super Admin user for the organisation.

Simply follow the 3 steps to create a new ACE360 account for your organisation.

The first step in the process requires you to enter your personal and organisation details, and set a password. Please include your organisation’s VAT status.

Next, you will require your EPA ID. Enter this in the format EPAXXXX.

Finally, you need to read and accept the displayed ACE360 Terms of Use. A message will be displayed once Step 3 is completed, confirming that you have successfully set up your organisation, select “Login” to begin using the system.

After the above three steps are completed, you will be able to use the system and set up the standards you assess, as well as create logins

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