Setting Up Links to Lead Training Providers (LTPs)

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Setting Up Links to Lead Training Providers (LTPs)

LTPs using ACE360 will, as part of their ACE360 set-up process, select the EPAO(s) who will be carrying out EPA on their apprentices.

This sends an ACE360 email request to each EPAO will then need to approve the request. The LTP will then be able to link their ACE360 account to an EPAO account.

Once an EPAO has accepted an LTP request, the LTP will receive an ACE360 confirmation email.

Within the dashboard screen of the system, you can also see the LTP links have been requested, by clicking on this icon on the dashboard you will be taken through to the pending links section to either accept or deny the request from the LTP.

EPAO’s can check the status of your links to LTPs at any time by viewing the LTP Links section of the system. To do this select General Settings from the menu on the left-hand side and then the LTP Links tab.

Here you will see details of all the LTPs that you have links with, as well as viewing all pending links by clicking the “Active Links/Pending Links” toggle button.

The details shown in the LTP links are as follows:

  • LTP organisation name
  • Date link requested
  • Date link created
  • Name of person who sent the invitiation
  • View details – this brings up relevant contact information

For any Super Admin or Admin users, there is the facility to remove a link to an LTP. To do this, simply click the “Remove Link” button within the LTP links section. A warning message will be displayed before the link is removed to check if you wish to proceed.

If a link is removed, the LTP will also be able to see the link has been removed within the system.

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