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Setting up Users

Once you have attached the standards to your ACE360 EPAO account. the next step is to click the Invite Other Users option. Select the Users Tab and click the green“invite a New User”.

Alternatively, click on the General Settings icon on the menu bar on the left-hand side of your screen and follow the same process. From here click the Users tab and the “Invite a new user” button. Next simply complete the pop box by inputting the email address and roles of colleagues you would like to invite to the site. Once you have complete the list simply click send an invite.

Remember to click the green plus sign to continue adding users to your list.

Please note, the list of users can be as long as you would like, just make sure to click the plus sign to add a new user that you would like to send invitations to, to the list.

The user roles available within the system are as follows:

  • Super Admin – Can set up all types of user accounts
  • Admin – Can set up other Admin, Senior Assessors and Assessor accounts
  • Senior Assessor – Can only set up assessor accounts
  • Assessor – Cannot set up any user accounts.

Once all invites have been sent and user roles defined, you’re able to view the created accounts within the general settings icon and users tab. This section will show both active and pending users that are linked to your ACE360 EPAO account.

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