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Shared Documents

Within each Apprentice record, there is an area where documents can be uploaded and shared between Training Providers (LTP) and the attached EPAO.

  • To access this facility, click on the Shared Documents Tab within any Apprentice record.
    • There is an area for both EPAO Uploads and LTP Uploads.
    • EPAO users can upload documents to the EPAO upload area.
    • They can view/delete documents uploaded by other EPAO users in the EPAO uploads area.
    • They can also view documents uploaded by the LTP in the LTP Uploads area. They cannot delete them.
  • To upload a document, click the Upload Document button. Select the document to upload and click on Open (or double click the document name). Maximum file size is 2GB
  • Uploaded documents will be displayed as icons.
  • To preview a document, click the eye icon on the top right of the file. You can preview any document that is under 2MB in size
  • To download a document, click the blue down arrow head icon.
  • To delete an uploaded document (if permitted), click the orange dustbin icon. You will be asked to confirm the deletion request.

The Shared Documents area can be accessed at any point during the Apprentice’s progress. For example, even when an Apprentice record is locked to the EPAO (i.e. pre EPA), the Shared Documents area can still be accessed for the uploading of additional EPAO documents or viewing of LTP documentation.

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