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Standards Management

The first step in setting up ACE360 for your organisation is to select the standards on which EPA activities will be performed and link them to your ACE360 account.

Please only link your EPAO Account to those standards that your organisation is authorised to carry out EPA activities on by the ESFA.

This process links your ACE360 EPAO account to specific Standards and makes them available to LTPs. LTPs using ACE360 will be able to link their apprentice records to ACE360 selecting you as their EPAO. This makes it easy to share Apprentice information securely and efficiently.

On initial setup, you will see a pop-up to “Select your standards”. Click the “Select Standards” button to proceed to the next step.

Standard and EPA components within ACE360 are updated daily, which ensures the information you need to perform EPA activities on the standards is the most current.

Select “All Sectors” to see all the standards available to you. These are all listed on the right-hand side of the screen.

Select “All Sectors” to see all the standards available to you. These are all listed on the right-hand side of the screen.

Alternatively, click on an individual sector name on the left-hand side of the screen e.g. Business & Administration or Digital. This will only display the available standards, within the selected sector.

To update your standard offering, click the button “Update Standard Offering” button on the right-hand side of the screen, click on the name of the standard(s) you wish to select and link to your organisation ACE360 profile.

Any standards that you select will be highlighted as green, please note that you can click multiple standards across multiple sectors, as well as de-selecting by clicking on the standard so the green highlight is removed.

Once you have selected all your standards, please click save. This will bring you to the main standards page where you will be able to see all the standards that are linked to your account. ACE360 keeps a running total of the standards you have selected, across all sectors and within each sector.

Some standards have course options, if this is the case you will see a standard for each course option (pathway). Please ensure that you add all of the available course options so that LTPs/employers can select the appropriate course option (pathway) for their apprentice(s).

This is very important as the Gateway/EPA components may differ between “options” and an apprentice must be able to be linked to the correct option within the chosen standard.

Once you have followed this process, you will be able to see all the standards that you are linked to.

Standard Details

To view the standards you have selected in more detail, you can simply click on the standard and this will show the following information:

  • Standard Title
  • Standard Level
  • Expected Time to Gateway
  • LARS Code
  • Standard Overview/Summary
  • Grades Allowed
  • Gateway Components – expand for more information
  • EPA Components – expand for more information

Selecting the standards icon on the menu bar will enable you to view all of the standards linked to your ACE360 EPAO account. This will show you the views in the images throughout this guide.

Removing Standards in ACE360

To remove a standard from your account, simply click on a standard after clicking “update standard offering”, de-select the standard and this will go from a green highlighted box to white. The standard will be deleted from your profile if no apprentices are linked to it.

A warning message will appear for you to confirm that the standard can’t be removed since there are “active” apprentices (s) linked to it.

Remove all “active” apprentice records as long as there are no “historical” apprentice records related to the standard or completed apprenticeships associated with them.

Removing a standard means that no new apprentices will be able to register onto the standard with your organisation as the selected EPAO.

After saving any deletion changes made/allowed, the standard will no longer be linked to your ACE360 EPAO account, and from now on, LTPs will not be able to select your organisation to provide EPA services.

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